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Fremont has new official

McClone named clerk/treasurer

By Angie Landsverk

Michelle McClone is bringing her background and previous work experience to her role as Fremont’s new village clerk/treasurer.

“Every position I have had has been very process driven,” she said. “I was hired into the positions to get the process in place.”

McClone’s background is in inventory management and logistics.

She did that type of work for about 20 years and office management for a few years.

During the time she worked in office management, she dove into accounting.

On Jan. 9, McClone was hired as Fremont’s clerk/treasurer.

She replaced Dawn Krause, who resigned in December to become Waupaca County’s deputy clerk.

McClone worked part time with Krause for a few weeks and then began working full time for the village on Jan. 24.

“It’s been really good. I’m finding there’s a lot of support out there,” she said of her first few weeks on the job. “Dawn’s been great in the training process.”

After working in Greenville for years, McClone says, “I’m super thankful to work a couple blocks from home.”

Working for the village is introducing her to neighbors and community members.

While she and her husband Mike moved to Fremont 20 years ago, she commuted to work in Greenville and they often spend weekends away from home.

They lived in the town of Clayton before moving to the village.

McClone was born in Fond du Lac and moved to Neenah with her family before she started first grade.

A graduate of Neenah High School, she took general classes at Fox Valley Technical College after high school.
She and Mike have two children: Hunter, who is a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, and MaKena, who is a junior at Weyauwega-Fremont High School.

They also have a Golden Retriever named Daisy.

This is not the first time McClone applied for the village position.

“I applied for the job four years ago,” she said. “It was between Dawn and I. She had more accounting. When I heard it was available, I applied again.”

McClone likes how the work varies each day.

“There’s so much I have to do, and it’s all very different,” she said.

As McClone continues to learn the process here, she is looking for efficiencies.

For example, she already brought forward the idea of emailing board packets to the village board members instead of driving to each of their homes to deliver the packets.

“I will be paying attention to the office flow, where things are located,” McClone said. “This is one of my goals, to make sure all the processses are available if someone has to jump into my job.”

Outside of work, she enjoys spending time outdoors.

“We have some hunting land,” McClone said.

She hunts there with her husband during both the deer bow and gun seasons.

McClone also likes to go fishing.

“I think my biggest passion is traveling to the beach,” she said. “I love the beach and the ocean.”

McClone likes going to Florida, where she spends time in the sun and by the water.

She also loves to be on their patio at their home in Fremont.

“I can’t wait to go home for lunch and sit on the patio and eat lunch with the dog,” McClone said about her days now working in Fremont.

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