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Bridge’s future uncertain

City asks whether to repair, remove walking bridge

By Bert Lehman

The future remains uncertain for the Pigeon River pedestrian bridge near the dam.

The pedestrian bridge has been closed since July 2017 because it was deemed unsafe.

When the Clintonville Streets Committee met last week, the committee discussed the future of the bridge.

“If we’re going to do a river walk, replacing or repairing that bridge I think is a good portion of that, and we need that there,” Jim Supanich, Streets Committee chairman, said Sept. 6.

The city has received one $72,000 estimate for repairing the pedestrian bridge.

Supanich recommended that the city seek another repair estimate, as well as a cost estimate to remove the bridge.
“If we take the walkway down, we really should look at replacing it with something else,” Supanich said.

Clintonville Mayor Richard Beggs said when the city seeks a second estimate, it should be for the minimum of making the bridge safe.

Committee member Steve Kettenhoven agreed that repairing the bridge is an option, but only if the cost is reasonable.

“I don’t agree with paying $72,000 for something that people can walk another 100 feet and go across the Main Street Bridge,” Kettenhoven said.

The committee asked Clintonville Public Works Director Kray Brown to obtain another quote for the cost to make the pedestrian bridge safe. He was also asked to obtain a quote for removing the pedestrian bridge.

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