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Kitty Cat racers compete


Thirsty Perch hosts Iola event

By Holly Neumann

There were chills, thrills and even some spills as the Big Boys Kitty Cat Series took to the ice on Lake Iola.

The Thirsty Perch hosted the event Jan. 19.

“I am so pleased with the turnout,” owner Steve Steeber said. “It’s great to see this many people in Iola and getting to know the community. These kids are amazing to watch.”

The event featured 120 youth snowmobile racers ages 4-16.

Noah Linzmeier, 6, who has been racing for two years, admitted that it gets a little scary, while his cousin, Morgan Somers, 6, said she likes to go fast.

“She used to only go half throttle,” Linzmeier said.

“I call it the fun button now,” Somers said. “I like to go fast and it doesn’t scare me.”

When asked who the better racer is, they pointed to themselves.

At age 8, Logan Somers and Max Krings are the veterans of the group, with four years of racing experience.

“I have been racing a long time,” Somers said. “I like the tracks and every track is different. When I win, my dad cheers, ‘Yeah, that’s my boy.’”

“I like going fast, but it’s not just about speed,” Krings said. “I like to win.”

Linzmeier took a spill off of his sled, but after being carried off the course and dusting off the snow, he was ready to hit the track again.

CN-IS-kitty-kats1-190124 CN-IS-kitty-kats2-190124
Racers make their way around the track Jan. 19 during the Big Boys Kitty Cat Series races on Lake Iola. Holly Neumann Photo

Although the kids said their parents are their biggest fans, it is not always easy to sit back and watch them on racing days.

“When Max started racing, his feet barely touched the bottom of his sled,” Tonya Krings said. “Your heart beats right out of your chest when they are out there.”

“Every time your kid is on the track, you think safety first,” said Traci Davis, who has two children that race. “I always hope they do well and that they have a lot of fun.”

Krings and Davis said snowmobile racing is a family sport that makes the winter go by fast.

“They get to make new friends and go to some great places,” Davis said. “It’s pretty great and the kids have a lot of fun.”

Steeber hopes more people from the Iola community will become involved.

“I hope people will wonder what is going on on the lake and they will join us,” he said.

The series will return to Iola Saturday, Feb. 2, with competitors racing under lights. Races will get underway at 3 p.m.

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