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Powerlifting trio head to nationals

Manawa students to compete in Louisiana

By Holly Neumann

The Manawa Wolves Powerlifting Team has had a successful season with seven athletes qualifying for state competition and three going on to a national competition.

Little Wolf High School students Jackson Jaeger, Wyatt Nichols and Dakota Lane will compete at the 2019 USA Powerlifting High School National Championships, set for Thursday to Sunday, March 28-31, in Alexandria, Louisiana.

“This is rewarding to me as a coach,” said Pete Bowen, the team’s coach. “I told the boys two years ago this was the goal and if they were willing to put in the work and take the coaching, they would be there. Dakota, Wyatt and Jackson are three of the hardest-working kids I have ever worked with. They all are very coachable, which means they take what you give them and apply it to their work.”

Lane and Nichols are seniors, while Jaeger is a junior. While each athlete is excited about the opportunity, they also admit it took a lot of hard work.

“It is a huge honor for me to represent not only my town, but also my state, in my weight class,” Lane said. “This year alone, the team and I have put in 23 weeks of training leading up to this point not only lifting, but sprinting and eating correctly.”

“I was given the opportunity to do something not many people ever get to in a lifetime,” Nichols said. “It was not easy at all, but if you’re not hurting, you’re not working.”

“It really shows that if you put in the hard work you can accomplish anything you put your mind to,” Jaeger said. “We lift five to six days a week and not any of the workouts are ever easy. We have been going down there for 23 weeks straight giving 100-percent effort on every workout. It takes a toll on your body, but I love the challenge of making yourself better every day.”

Lifters at nationals need to achieve a higher qualifying total than for the state meet.
“The state meet has stricter judges than the regional meets,” Bowen said. “Only a fraction of the state-qualifying competitors will meet the requirements.”

Coming from a small town makes the accomplish even more special and worth the commitment, according to Bowen.

“I think this is just one more example of the changes around here,” he said. “We have an increased focus on strength training and we are seeing more success in our athletic programs across the board.”

Lane said the competition is an opportunity to get Manawa more known.

“This sport is growing rapidly in this small town,” he said. “It is only going to help lead Manawa to further achievements elsewhere. I take that very serious that I am going to show what a small town can do.”

“Never give up on your team or your coaches,” Nichols said.

“Follow your dreams and put in the work,” Jaeger said. “Nothing is ever given. Always give 100 percent and great things will come to you.”

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