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New bleachers planned for Clintonville park

Facilities study found W.A. Olen Park seating unsafe

By Bert Lehman

After learning that the bleachers at W.A. Olen Athletic Field are unsafe, especially for children, the city of Clintonville is gathering cost estimates and a rendering for a new bleacher system.

Clintonville Parks and Recreation Director Justin Mc Auly met with a representative from Texas-based Southern Bleacher Company to discuss bleacher replacement at W.A. Olen Athletic Field.

“I’m just looking to get a rough drawing done. It’s a free drawing,” Mc Auly told the Parks and Recreation Committee at its May 2 meeting.

Southern Bleacher Company installed the bleacher system at the football field located by the Clintonville High School.

Along with the drawing of the proposed new bleachers, Southern Bleacher Company would provide a cost estimate.

“We’re just looking at getting something written down in front of us so we can start planning for the future,” Mc Auly said.
Mc Auly added that the city is looking at a traditional baseball bleacher system that would be just behind home plate.

The current bleacher system is behind home plate and along the third base line. This setup was used when Clintonville High School played football at W.A. Olen Athletic Field.

The proposed bleacher system would seat around 700 spectators behind home plate. An elevated press box above home plate and some sort of canopy would also be part of the plan and cost estimate.

“It would be a complete start over, basically from dugout to the other side dugout. All that would be replaced,” Mc Auly said.
Committee member Chuck Manske asked how many seats are currently located behind home plate.

Mc Auly said about 375 seats are behind home plate. He added there are around 1,100 total seats in the current bleacher system.

The Clintonville A’s, Clintonville Legion team, as well as Clintonville High School were asked how many seats a new bleacher system should have, Mc Auly said.

“A lot of them said between 500 and 800,” Mc Auly said.

Mc Auly said he hopes to have the drawing and cost estimate within the next month.

“Considering the safety of it, it’s probably the No. 1 thing that needs to be replaced down there,” Mc Auly said.

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