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Graduation in Manawa

130th commencement at Little Wolf High School

By Holly Neumann

On Saturday, May 25, 58 students walked across the stage to receive their diplomas.

It marked the 130th commencement for Little Wolf High School.

High School Principal Daniel Wolfgram wished the class of 2019 many years of happiness and success as they move out into the world.

“As I have said before, we are happy to see you graduate,” he said. “Some of you more than others.”

Student speakers Thompson Moser and Jamie Buschke also addressed the audience.

“This is an important threshold in our lives,” said Moser. “We will all forage different paths, but these years we have shared together will always be with us. We can, make a change for the better.”

Buschke reminded her classmates that the most important person to listen to was themselves.

“The future that stands before you is entirely your own,” she said. “Yours alone to build.”

CN-MA-grad1 Student speaker Jamie Buschke.
Holly Neumann Photo CN-MA-grad3-190530 CN-MA-grad4 CN-MA-grad5 CN-MA-grad6 CN-MA-grad7 CN-MA-grad8-190530-sap
Pictured (from left) are Tyler Grimm, Kylie Rosenau, Melady Brennan and Jamie Buschke as they prepared to graduate from Little Wolf High School. Holly Neumann Photo


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