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Commencement at Clintonville High School

CN-CL-Graduation3WEB-190606-sa CN-CL-Graduation1WEB-190606-sa CN-CL-Graduation2WEB-190606-sa CN-CL-Graduation4WEB-190606-sa Emmalee Pockat delivers the valedictory address.
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Tina Bettin, a nurse practitioner for ThedaCare Physicians-Manawa, speaks as Clintonville's 2019 Alumnus Honoris. Bettin said her kindergarten teacher predicted she would never graduate from high school. Bettin graduated from Clintonville High School in 1981 and went on to earn her doctorate. Scott Bellile photo

Clintonville High School held its 134th graduation ceremony on Sunday, June 2.

More than 110 CHS students accepted their high school diplomas at commencement.

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