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Smoking ban proposed for city-sponsored events

Clintonville committees review proposal

By Bert Lehman

The Clintonville Parks and Recreation Committee recommended a new ordinance that would prohibit smoking at city-sponsored events.

Clintonville City Administrator Sharon Eveland requested the ban at a Thursday, May 30 meeting.

Events like the Spring Cruise Car Show that are not city-sponsored would be exempt from Clintonville’s proposed smoking ban at city events. Erik Buchinger photo

“I was at the Easter egg hunt with my two young kids this past April and I’m standing there and all I can smell is cigarette smoke,” Eveland said. “I’m a former smoker. I get it, but I want to be able to take my kids to these things and not have them subjected to that.”

She said she wants citizens to know that they can come to city-sponsored events without having to deal with cigarette smoke.

“You can’t get away from that when someone is (smoking) nearby, other than leaving,” Eveland said.

Carol Metzger asked if that would include the car show held in Clintonville.

Eveland said only city-sponsored events would be impacted, so it would not include the car show.

The committee’s recommendation now moves on to the Clintonville Safety and Ordinance Committee.

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