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Two charged with mail fraud

Identity theft, credit card fraud also charged

Two women face charges for allegedly stealing mail from mailboxes in Clintonville.

Nicole L. Russell, 30, New London, and Jacqline D. Swenson, 29, Clintonvillle, have each been charged with one count of forgery and three counts of mail fraud.

Russell has also been charged with identity theft, credit card fraud and felony theft.

On Nov. 5, 2019, Waupaca County deputies and New London police executed a search warrant at Russell’s home.

Staff Sgt. Nick Kamba, with New London police, searched Swenson’s car and found numerous packages and envelopes with Clintonville addresses.

About one week earlier, a package had been reported stolen from an address in the same area.

According to the criminal complaint, Russell showed investigators Facebook messages from Senson, indicating she was on a “route.”

Swenson allegedly sent a photo of mail in her car.

Russell blamed Swenson for taking the mail, while Swenson blamed Russell.

Swenson said Russell ordered items from Amazon and had them mailed to different addresses, the complaint says.

Waupaca County Detective Sgt. Jon Loken identified 57 victims based on the mail he found in Russell’s home and Swenson’s vehicle.

Missing debit card, online account

On Sept. 23, Clintonville Police Officer Andrew Kizewski met with a 63-year-old resident of Kindred Hearts.

The man reported that over the past few weeks, things had gone missing from his room.

He said the same caretaker had been working each time something disappeared from his room.

Although he could not remember her name, the man could remember her vehicle’s license plate number.

Kizewski traced the plate to Russell.

The man also reported receiving a letter from Victoria’s Secret that said he had 14 days to confirm his account.

He had not applied for that account.

He later discovered someone had used his old debit card to make $988 in online purchases from Victoria’s Secret.

The card was also used for $310 in purchases from Walmart in Appleton.

Police identified Russell from a Walmart surveillance video making a purchase using the man’s card.

Russell reportedly denied taking the card and said it was Swenson who appeared in the Walmart video, wearing a disguise.

Swenson is currently in custody on a $5,000 cash bond.

Russell was released from custody after posting a $1,000 cash bond in February, following charges of forgery uttering.

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