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College Days for Kids at UWSP

Keira Kopplinger shared his experience at College Days for Kids with the Clintonville School Board. Bert Lehman Photo

Clintonville students attend event

By Bert Lehman

Nine sixth-grade students from the Clintonville School District attended College Days for Kids at the UW-Stevens Point campus April 14.

Two of those students attended the May 8 Clintonville School Board meeting to share their experiences with the board.

Brittany Schmidt, district director of curriculum, told the board that College Days for Kids is a program for high-ability sixth graders. Participating students spend a day at UW-Stevens Point participating in enrichment classes taught by faculty and academic staff of the university.

Goals of the program include introducing students to a university setting and encouraging them to set educational goals. Also, to provide exposure to a variety of topics including humanities and sciences, and to promote healthy and effective development through interaction with peers of other schools.

Hunter Yuma shared his experience at College Days for Kids with the Clintonville School Board. Bert Lehman Photo

Hunter Yuma was one of the Clintonville students who participated in the event. He told the board his favorite class at the university that day was one about reptiles and amphibians.

“We got to learn a lot about them,” Yuma said. “The main thing we learned about the difference between lizards and snakes.”

The most valuable information gained that day was learning about what it is like to be in college, he said.

Keira Kopplinger said her favorite class during that day was instant improv.

“It was fun to let my creativity flow and work with other people to make something,” Kopplinger said.

She said she also participated in classes about cockroaches and paper making.

“The classes let us learn more about our society and the nature around us,” Kopplinger said.

She added that making new friends and socializing was also enjoyable.

Mandy Hill, library media specialist for the Clintonville School District, accompanied the students to UW-Stevens Point. She said College Days for Kids was an amazing opportunity for students.

“I think in sixth grade, they maybe haven’t started thinking yet about what they are going to do after high school, so here is one really fun day to get them kind of thinking,” Hill said.

She said each student participated in three classes, ate lunch in the university cafeteria and attended a college fair that included different clubs on the university.

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