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Calling 911

Waupaca County sheriff’s report Jan. 14

Jan. 8 – A Weyauwega man on Galilee Road reported a suspicious white work truck with a trailer.

Jan. 8 – An Iola caller on Blaine Street reported a woman would not stop contacting and harassing her.

Jan. 8 – Cricket Wireless on West Fulton Street reported a suspected gas leak. The caller was feeling dizzy and sick and everyone was outside.

Jan. 8 – A Weyauwega caller on State Highway 10 reported a man was pulling up stumps near his property as a form of harassment.

Jan. 8 – A Waupaca man on Shambeau Trace reported a black SUV was doing donuts at the end of the road, almost hitting mailboxes and electrical boxes.

Jan. 8 – An unknown caller reported a suspicious unoccupied vehicle with the driver’s door open and the key on the dash.

Jan. 9 – Dollar General on West Fulton Street reported a woman stole $80 worth of merchandise by faking a transaction at the self-checkout. The black-haired woman was wearing a gray jacket, red leggings, a black hooded sweatshirt and glasses. She drove off in a beige car.

Jan. 9 – Rawhide Youth Services reported a juvenile runaway.

Jan. 9 – An anonymous caller in Fremont reported hearing a man and a woman yelling at each other in an apartment.

Jan. 10 – A man called 911 yelling and screaming and said, “I don’t play!” and the call disconnected.

Jan. 10 – A Marion caller on Bertram Street reported a suspicious man dressed in all black and carrying a hacksaw heading north on County Trunk D.

Jan. 10 – A Marion woman on First Street reported two women on Sherman Street were renting a house with “a Jewish star on the front” and have been drugging the caller for 24 months.

Jan. 10 – Rawhide Youth Services reported damage to light fixtures and a hole in the ceiling.

Jan. 10 – A New London man on Dey Road reported a maroon Ford Explorer was not going to stop for the school bus and the bus driver angled the bus into the oncoming lane to force the Explorer to stop.

Jan. 10 – A Berlin caller reported a suspicious dark-haired man with a white Prius shook hands with a man involved in a court case and gave him a piece of paper.

Jan. 10 – A Clintonville man on Hudson Road reported his neighbor’s door was open and requested an officer to check out the house.

Jan. 10 – An unknown caller reported a woman had a knife be her bedside the night before and said it was hard for her not to kill herself.

Jan. 10 – Portage County Sheriff’s Office reported they had a man on their crisis line who said he was “looking at a noose.”

Jan. 11 – A Weyauwega caller on State Highway 54 requested a welfare check on a woman who sent him a strange text message at 2:30 a.m. stating she left work, that she loved them and had suicidal intentions.

Jan. 11 – An anonymous caller reported a woman under the influence of heroin.

Jan. 11 – The Chain One Stop in Waupaca reported a gas drive-off valued at $54. It was an older man in a Carhartt jacket driving a tan Chevy Tahoe and pulling a snowmobile trailer.

Jan. 11 – The Waupaca County jail reported a fight in the jail. In a follow-up call they reported an inmate needed hospital transport for stitches.

Jan. 11 – An Iola man on McKinley Street reported people next door were yelling and one man said, “I will cut you up if I have to.”

Jan. 11 – A Waupaca woman on Shadow Road reported her neighbors moved on Jan. 8. It seemed they left their dog behind and she could hear it crying and howling throughout the day.

Jan. 11 – A Manawa woman on East View Drive reported a trespassing and property line problem with a neighbor.

Jan. 11 – A Tigerton caller reported a woman was harassing her via text messages and making accusations about the caller’s son.

Jan 13 – A New London caller on Tank Road reported a snowplow cleared his neighbor’s driveway and pushed the snow on his driveway and now he could not get out.

Jan. 14 – An Iola caller on Iola Street reported she had video footage of a person wearing a ski mask and Carthartt coveralls puncturing two tires on the driver’s side of her vehicle.

Jan. 14 – A Clintonville caller on Sixth Street reported his wife was causing problems.

There were an increased number of motor vehicle crashes and vehicles in the ditch during this period, but fewer deer-auto collisions. Ten controlled burns were called in. A Marion caller reported horses were being neglected and did not have enough hay. A Waupaca man was bitten on the left side of his face by the neighbor’s dog. A Clintonville man reported a Cane Corso mastiff attacked his chickens. Cows were reported loose on Jepson Road. Two cows were reported loose on Gurholt Road.

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