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Publisher’s Letter

When Autumn Comes

Patrick Wood

Dear Reader,

There is an indescribable sadness in dying. Dying, while a solitary act, invites the many connections and networks of love a person has affected prior, to be a part of this final physical farewell.

Every being dies. All living things animated by the spark of life eventually will be some earthly tragedy or by the direct or indirect hand of others, elude the myriad of issues facing death. But for most, there is no art in dying. Most don’t die gracefully or well, because the process is polluted by unceasing grasping for those last wisps of earthly life. One would think the Creator of life would have provided a better way.

Life has an unknowable expiration date, an autumn. We look back at the memories that nurtured us through the years. We floated in clouds of love with our parents, grandmas and grandpas, and brothers and sisters. Then come the later memories after school was left behind, when we lived through joyful and sorrowful adventures with dear friends. Perhaps we had our own little ones; then came the day when they had their own progeny; and so on

The question arises: Why are we here? If we are to love one another, why do so many find themselves without love? If we are here to lock arms and embrace as brothers and sisters, why do so many try to dominate their fellows? If we can’t responsibly share and care for our brethren, will there be another Ark followed by a flood and renewal for the venerable ones?

Is there perhaps, as most Christians believe, a Hereafter when the Creator appears in tangible form again wielding an irresistible force of attraction that embraces the good souls with Him? At the same moment, does He release the unworthy into the abyss of oblivion?

Ruefully, autumn comes around for us all, and we weep for what once was but now is lost beyond recall. At the moment of departure, there’s a profound sorrow attached to those who lived with a noble purpose; and possibly a momentary sigh of relief when the evil ones are gone

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