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Calling 911

Waupaca County sheriff’s report May 13-19

  • May 13 – A Clintonville man on First Street reported someone was trespassing on his hunting land and harassing him.
  • May 13 – The New London Bus garage reported a driver in a red vehicle did not stop when the school bus was dropping off a student. The flashing lights were on and the stop sign arm was extended.
  • May 13 – A New London man on Weiland Road reported that a 2011 Silverado was “gone through” and nothing was taken but reported the suspicious activity and requested extra patrol. He called back two days later and reported his garage door opener was missing.
  • May 13 – A Waupaca man on Emmons Creek Road reported a teenager jumped into the bed of a pickup and the truck was driving around.
  • May 13 – A Clintonville man on Rustic Circle reported that his mother left and was going to attempt suicide.
  • May 14 – A Clintonville woman on 5th Street reported her father observed two suspicious people get out of a car, walk between two houses and disappear in the back.
  • May 14 – A Clintonville woman on Fairway Drive reported she was driving past a semi and something flew off, smashed the top of her car and destroyed her sun roof.
  • May 14 – A New London man on State Highway 45 reported he was scammed out of $2,500 via an online banking fraud.
  • May 14 – A Waupaca man on Cobbtown Road requested an officer to standby while he measured a lot line that is shared with a threatening neighbor.
  • May 14 – Rawhide Youth Services reported a staff member was battered by a youth.
  • May 14 – Dollar General in Manawa reported a suspicious black vehicle parked where semis enter. It had been there for over an hour.
  • May 14 – An Ogdensburg man on County Trunk K reported a utility pole was knocked over and wires were down in the ditch.
  • May 15 – An Ogdensburg man on County Trunk 00 reported the death of a female.
  • May 15 – A female caller reported a suspicious man came to her door saying he had car trouble and asked to use a phone. Then he walked across the street, knocked on a door and walked around to the back of the house.
  • May 15 – A Weyauwega man on Evanswood Road reported a man vandalized his shop vacuum.
  • May 15 – A New London man on County Trunk B reported he ate some graham crackers that had some residue on them and now he was feeling warm. He wanted an officer to take a look at the crackers.
  • May 15 – Bethany Home in Waupaca reported a male resident—that does not have a vehicle—signed himself out and hasn’t been seen since.
  • May 15 – A Weyauwega woman on County Trunk K reported she was upstairs with her child while a person was banging on a locked door. There were headlights in the front of her house and she heard a man say, “Hey.”
  • May 16 – An Ogdensburg woman on Swamp Road reported a man out on bond was threatening to shoot himself but he had with no weapon.
  • May 16 – A New London man on Bear Lake Road reported his neighbor was spray painting his trees, posting signs and putting in steel posts near the caller’s house.
  • May 16 – A Waupaca woman on Augusta Lane reported her child jumped out of a moving car and refused to get back into the car.
  • May 17 – An Iola woman on Anderson Road reported her ex-husband was harassing her.
  • May 17 – Kwik Trip on Fulton Street reported an intoxicated man in the parking lot was yelling at people.
  • May 17 – An Iola woman on Lafollette Street reported that a 19-year-old person overdosed on mushrooms.
  • May 18 – A male caller reported: Loud music. Kids. Can not sleep.
  • May 18 – A Waupaca caller on School Street reported an intoxicated man hit one of the caller’s vehicles.
  • May 18 – A Waupaca woman on Richard Street reported a plastic rhino was hanging by a piece of wire in a dying elm tree. The rhino has a pin in the bottom and she believed it was some kind of improvised explosive.
  • May 18 – A Waupaca caller on Stone ridge Road requested a welfare check on a woman who sent a message that said, “I love Xanax” and a photo of some pills. The woman made suicidal comments a month ago.
  • May 18 – A Neshkoro man reported $4,600 worth of equipment was stolen from his fishing boat, including four rods and reels and a fish locator.
  • May 18 – The Store in Manawa reported a motorcycle gas drive-off valued at $9.
  • May 18 – A Waupaca caller on Royalton Street reported his son was had been drinking, was yelling and would not move away from his door. He did not feel safe with him in the house.
  • May 18 – A Fremont caller on Marsh Road reported her intoxicated sister was walking and her boyfriend was following her in a vehicle and would not leave her alone.
  • May 19 – Rawhide Youth Services reported a juvenile runaway.
  • There was an average amount of deer-auto collisions during this period. Nine controlled burns were called in. The water patrol stopped nine boats and towed in a boat with engine failure. A buffalo was reported on County Trunk E one mile south of State Highway 161 on May 13. An anonymous caller reported a cow in the roadway. A female reported she was bitten by her cat with multiple bites and scratches on both arms. A Gold Cross Ambulance employee reported being bitten by a dog. A Waupaca woman reported her son’s dog bit her on the arm. A caller reported 12 cows were loose in the Manawa area.
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