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Publisher’s Letter

Patrick Wood

Memorial Day

Dear Reader,

As Memorial Day approaches, we’re reminded of the solemn duty to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice defending our freedoms. It’s a day to reflect on the bravery and selflessness of those who gave their lives in service to our country.

Yet, amidst this reflection, we can’t ignore the tragic reality of war – the senseless need for power, resources, and subjugation that often drive conflicts. Innocents become collateral damage in these atrocities, bearing the burden of decisions made far from their homes.

As we commemorate Memorial Day, we must contemplate the deeper meaning behind it. It’s a day not just to mourn the fallen, but to question the necessity of war itself. Can’t we aspire to a world where diplomacy triumphs over conflict, where peace prevails over violence?

Though the observance of Memorial Day will endure, let it also serve as a beacon of hope – a hope that one day, the need to wage war will fade into history, replaced by a collective commitment to dialogue, understanding, and peace.


Author of “Reflections” a new book now available on Amazon.

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