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Contaminated recyclables pose risks

A pile of unrecyclable materials pulled from the Portage County Solid Waste recycling facility on the afternoon of May 30. The pile includes appliances, plastic films and bags, bagged materials, yard debris, toys, a snow fence and a large net. Submitted Photo

Portage County facility takes waste from Waupaca County

Portage County Solid Waste reported a significant increase in wrongly recycled items being delivered to their facility in recent weeks.

Between May 28 and May 30 workers pulled out four microwaves, multiple small appliances, four tires, many bundles of yard waste and debris, hoses, blankets, pillows, buckets of rocks, carpet, carpet padding, clothing, toys and two loader buckets full of bagged recyclables and loose plastic films and bags.

The county is advising residents and businesses to be more mindful of the materials they’re placing into recycling bins, carts and dumpsters.

As a reminder, only the following may be recycled: plastic bottles, jugs and tubs, aluminum and steel cans, flattened cardboard, mixed paper, and glass bottles and jars.

Refrain from bagging recyclables, keep them loose to ensure they’ll be recycled.

Bagged materials pose safety risks to workers and are pulled from the sorting line and placed into the trash.

Recyclables from Portage, Waupaca, Waushara, Adams, Marathon and Wood counties are delivered to the Portage County Solid Waste Facility for processing.

Information on what can and cannot be recycled is located on the county’s website: co.portage.wi.gov/396/Solid-Waste.

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