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Calling 911

Waupaca County sheriff’s report June 9

  • June 3 – An anonymous caller reported the bar staff at an establishment was over serving alcohol to customers and allowing them to drive.
  • June 3 – An Embarrass man on Main Street reported a fraud involving a text message from the U.S. Post Office saying a package could not be delivered so he provided his credit card info.
  • June 3 – A New London man on Southland Lane reported a man punched him in the face.
  • June 3 – A female caller has a Facebook page for helping and re-homing animals in Wisconsin. She reported she picked up two puppies at an address and the mother was malnourished and underweight.
  • June 3 – UW-Health in Madison reported a juvenile sent nine messages saying he is slowly dying in pain and that “he hopes the Lord to take him tonight.”
  • June 3 – A Manawa woman on River Road reported finding drug-related items while cleaning out a room.
  • June 3 – A Scandinavia man on County Trunk B reported the theft of $2,000.
  • June 3 – Chain O’ Lakes Home and Garden reported a man was yelling at them for removing a sign in the Town of Dayton.
  • June 3 – A Waupaca woman on Murray Lane reported a man approached her car and commented about her purchases. He was following her around. She said this has been going on for years at different stores in the city of Waupaca.
  • June 3 – An Oshkosh caller reported a man was trespassing on his property. He was driving through planted corn.
  • June 3 – A Clintonville woman on Lakeshore Road reported the neighbor’s left their garage door cracked open about a foot. She said she could smell marijuana and could hear coughing.
  • June 3 – An anonymous caller reported a man called him and said that he was arguing with his mother. She was yelling and screaming and said she was going to kill him in his sleep.
  • June 3 – A Waupaca man on Oak Street reported three suspicious men walked into an abandoned building near Nelson’s Strike Zone.
  • June 3 – A Weyauwega caller on County Trunk X reported a suspicious man was standing outside her window.
  • June 3 – An Iola woman reported she was confronting two tenants about their drug use.
  • June 4 – A 911 caller reported a person on the other side of the lake that was in the water. A boater was heading towards the person and another boater was calling for help.
  • June 4 – Rawhide Youth Services reported three juvenile runaways.
  • June 6 – A cell caller reported a man with a red SUV was dumping a white bag into the river and then he took his hat off and made the sign of the cross.
  • June 6 – A New London man on Ebert Road reported a contractor left a dump trailer and supplies on his property and was not returning his calls.
  • June 6 – A Weyauwega woman on Main Street reported a 25-year-old man was unconscious from “possibly huffing something.” The man regained consciousness and was now yelling out the window.
  • June 6 – An anonymous caller reported a person in a white van was smoking marijuana at a gas station.
  • June 6 – A Waupaca man on Center Street reported his storage unit was damaged and he was missing a few boxes.
  • June 7 – A Waupaca woman on Pine Court reported a suspicious man randomly shows up at her house. He said he lived there previously.
  • June 7 – Rawhide Youth Service reported a juvenile runaway.
  • June 7 – A Clintonville man on Lakeshore Road requested assistance to retrieve his ball from the neighbor’s yard.
  • June 7 – An Iola man on County Trunk G reported his neighbor has a radio on a ladder that faces his house.
  • June 7 – A New London woman on County Trunk WW reported a suspicious man banging on her door.
  • June 8 – A Waupaca woman on Whispering Pines Road reported a case of fraud.
  • June 8 – A Waupaca man on Cambria Lane reported his boat trailer tire was slashed at a boat landing in Fremont.
  • June 9 – An Iola man on Ellefson Road reported an aggressive dog came from his neighbor’s house. As the dog approached him, he fired a shot into the ground with his handgun to scare the dog. Now the dog was nowhere to be seen.
  • There was an average amount of deer-auto collisions during this period. Seven controlled burns were called in. The water patrol stopped nine boats. A Clintonville woman came across two lost horses and tied them to a tree. A Rottweiler and a pit bull were loose and hanging out a caller’s yard. A caller reported a loose bull near State Highway 54 and County Trunk O. A male caller reported an angry bull in the road. He was able to distract the bull and lure it into a field.
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