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Flooding in Manawa

Residents told to evacuate

The National Weather Service issued a flash flood warning for the city of Manawza on Friday, July 5.

The city of Manawa posted an emergency alert that people who live down river of the dam in Manawa should evacuate.

All entrances into the city of Manawa have been blocked. Please do not try to drive into the city or around the city.

The city recommends that anyone needing emergency shelter should go to Little Wolf High School or the Manawa Masonic Center.

Vehicles are being flooded on the roads around the city. Motorists should avoid travelling the roads in the city at this time.

Union Street is flooded. North Bridge Street is flooded. Beech Street is washed away. Howard Street is flooded. Industrial Drive is flooded.

Police, firefighters and city crews are out, acording to the city’s website.

Manawa is located on the Little Wolf River.

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