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Tough week for Manawa freshman volleyball

The Manawa Freshman volleyball team traveled to Amherst to take on the Falcons on Tuesday, Sept. 21. The Wolves started out shaking in set one. Manawa’s passing game was off, making them unable to use their offense. Jessie Luedke and Jessica Holtz made some great saves to keep the ball alive and in play. Courtlynn Oltz played tough at the net with two kills. A tough server from the Falcons made a seven-point run to take the set 15-25. Set two started off well for the Wolves. Using three hits, Manawa was able to set up their offense. Hitters Haley Ingersoll and Miranda Wohlrabe used well placed tips to get the lead. Kali Young brought out her tough serve with an ace to score the final point and win 25-21. Set three was needed to determine a match winner. Throughout the first rotation the Falcons and the Wolves were point-for-point. Baylee Gorges had a bumpkill on the third pass over to get a side out. Molly Loughrin had a great set to Breana Haines who was able to spike the ball to the empty corner of the Falcons’ court. Once again, a tough Falcon server was able to serve five in a row getting game point and the match win for Amherst 10-15. Serving 100 percent from the service line were Young, Gorges, and Holtz.

Shiocton tourney

The Wolves traveled to Shiocton to take on Shiocton and Weyauwega-Fremont Thursday, Sept. 23. The first match was against the Chiefs. Manawa started off slow due to changes on the court. Shiocton got a small lead, but as the Wolves got comfortable, that changed. Haines had a nice tip kill to the front corner of the court for a side out. Loughrin and Young placed their sets where their hitters could get to them. Holtz stepped up to the service line and made seven serves to make the score within two points. Oltz stayed strong at the net with two kills. The Wolves fought hard but came up short 22-25. The Wolves were back to their normal rotation in set two. Again, missed serves and passes plagued Manawa. Shiocton’s first server built a 14-point lead. Slowly, the Wolves tried to fight back. But the point deficit was too much to overcome. Final score was 11-25. In set three Manawa had nothing to lose. Their serving was tough, with many aces. Ingersoll had a pass to the Chiefs’ deep corner for a bumpkill. Hitters Wohlrabe and Gorges made smart plays at the net to keep the ball in bounds. The Wolves took the set 15-10. Serving 100 percent from the service line was Loughrin, Holtz was 93 percent, and Haines was 91 percent.

The second match of the evening was against the Weyauwega-Fremont. Starting the first set, it looked as the W-F and the Wolves were going to be an even match. Loughrin started the set off with two ace serves, which fired up Manawa. Wohlrabe was slamming the ball to the floor. Ingersoll had two nice assists to middle hitter Oltz for two easy points. Weyauwega-Fremont brought in a tough server, and the Wolves couldn’t break her serve. The final score was 20-25. Set two started off well for Manawa. Communication and hustling was used on the court. Haines and Gorges were on fire at the net, placing their hits and tips well. Young made a great play going over the net on the second hit. Manawa used their offense well and took the set 25-15. Set three was needed to determine a match winner. The wolves needed to play how they left off from set two to win this game. Passing again got the best of Manawa. Trying to fight back, Holtz made some great saves to keep the ball alive. But it wasn’t enough. W-F took the game and match 15-7. Serving 93 percent for the match was Oltz.

Manawa vs. Bonduel

The Lady Wolves started at a very slow pace when they faced Bonduel Tuesday, Sept. 7. Missed serves throughout the first rotation kept the Wolves from getting into rhythm. Holtz served four points in a row, which caused the Wolves to liven up. Wohlrabe was strong at the net to get a tip kill. Haines was on fire at the service line to bring the Wolves up by two points; a side out would give the wolves a victory. A save brought up by Ingersoll gave Young a tip kill and set point with a score of 25-21.

Set two started off with a lot of excitement. The Wolves really utilized their offense using three hits. Loughrin used her hitters to her full advantage, setting up Luedke, Oltz and Haines all for one kill each. Baylee Gorges played the side line well with a line check to call the ball out for a point. Oltz served eight in a row to get set and match point with a score of 25-18. Set three was all about serving for the Wolves. Gorges had seven serves in a row to give the Wolves a seven point lead. Oltz played great defense at the net, tipping the ball back onto the Bears’ court for a side out. Holtz came to the service line with 11 tough serves to get the win 25-7.

Manawa vs. I-S

On Tuesday, Sept. 14, setters Loughrin and Young made good assists to their teammates in set one. Holtz made sure the setter was able to get the second hit with great passes from the back row. Haines used an assist by Loughrin to get a kill in the middle of the court. Oltz used an assist from Iola-Scandinavia to spike it for a side out and point to take the set 25-16. In set two, Wohlrabe took an assist from Young and to get a tip kill to the front corner. Luedke and Ingersoll were tough at the net and challenged every ball the Thunderbirds attempted to return. By tipping the ball, Gorges won the rally and side out for Manawa. Final score 25-20. Set three started off strong with Young and Loughrin taking advantage of tipping the ball over on the second hit. Playing well defensively and offensively was Holtz as she hustled after the ball. Luedke had a great set to Gorges for a point. The Wolves played hard and took the game 25-13.

Manawa vs. Shiocton

On Thursday, Sept. 16, set one started of with the front row seeing a lot of action. Excellent sets by Young and Loughrin allowed the Wolves to several points on tips and spikes. Using the open Shiocton corners, Wohlrabe placed her hits well. Gorges and Holtz had good control of the back row passes to the setter. Luedke’s hustling on the court paid off as she was able to keep the ball alive. Oltz ended the set with a block at the net. Final score 25-23. Set two proved to be as exciting as set one. Offense of the front row continued to be successful with kills by Ingersoll and Haines. Holtz stepped up to the service line with two great serves to get the match win 26-24. In set three the Chiefs started off with a strong server getting eight points in a row. A tip kill by Young gave Manawa a chance to fight back. Oltz came on strong at the service line to bring the Wolves back within two points. Manawa fought hard until the end, but came up short 11-15. Serving 100 percent from the line was Oltz with 14-of-14.

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