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Manawa Fish and Game Club

Bill Jaeger and Ted Coppersmith returned from their Oregon elk hunt. Ted tried to harvest a trophy animal but didn’t see any that were suitable. Two others in the party were successful, however.

Tom and Mary Jensen cleaned out their freezer last week. They took all of last year’s game birds and prepared a pheasant feed for us Saturday, Sept. 25.

Many of our members are preparing for western hunting trips. Destinations include South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Kansas and Nebraska.


25×25 – Ron Tayek (2), John Filtz (2), Phil Lewin, Colton Gorges, Jake Craig, Jared Jaeger.

24×25 – Cody Hedtke, Dale Gough, Bob Conroy, Scott Stevens, Russ Bouck, Bill Cartwright.

23×25 – Paul Davis, Jeff Davis, Bruce Clumpner, Bill Jaeger, Ryan Spatchek.

22×25 – Greg Stelse, Jeff Huebner, Tom Jensen, Mike Goudreau, Adam Kluz, Jim Dallman.

21×25 – Butch Kreklow, Mary Jensen, Jerry Staehler, Bob Nickodem.

Others: Ellen Davis 20, John Knueppel 20, Sam Loehrke 16.

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