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New clay added to Shawano Speedway

Shawano Speedway will see a facelift before the start of the 2011 race season, as new clay was added to the Speedway in the fall.

“We felt it was time,” said Dale Hodkiewicz, race director for Shawano Speedway. “A lot of drivers were requesting it, but it was a combination [of things]. We managed to have a few dollars that we thought could be used for improving the track so we put it on.

“Everybody puts new clay on sooner or later so I guess it’s just a matter of updating and making a better surface for racing on.”

Hodkiewicz did say the extra clay will help efforts to bank the corners a bit more, but there are still some limitations to how much the corners can be banked.

“We are limited on corners number one and two as to how much we can bank until we get another row of [concrete] block up,” Hodkiewicz confirmed. “We have to be careful on the safety aspect so we don’t have anybody going over. Eventually I’d like to get the third row of block up in corners one and two and then we can add a little more bank to it.”

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