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Victims, families deserve better

I am truly wondering what country I live in today.

It is unbelievable to me to let a man walk free after killing two people. I don’t understand why this man has not spent a day in jail. What has happened to our law enforcement system?

This accident happened Oct. 21, 2010. Sheriff Brad Hardel said his deputies investigated and gave their initial report to the district attorney’s office on Nov. 3, 2010. When asked why the investigation has taken a year so far, District Attorney John Snider said, “Too many crashes with criminal implications have to be reconstructed by too few experts.”

With so many people out of work, maybe you need to hire more help or maybe it is time to call in the FBI.

I just read in another paper that a man was picked up for his 13th drunken driving arrest. How insane is that?

I am in pain for the Milton “Red” Barnhart family and the rest involved or killed in this accident.

I would be ashamed to see my name in the paper working on this case. I never write in response to the articles I read but maybe more of us need to take better notice.

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