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First State Bank supports Old Glory Honor Flight

First State Bank recently donated $1,000 to the Northeast Wisconsin Old Glory Honor Flight.

The donation benefits the group’s efforts to bring many of the State’s Pearl Harbor survivors back to Oahu, Hawaii, for the 70th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack.

“First State Bank is grateful to all of our veterans and is honored help make this flight possible,” said First State Bank president, Harry Radix. “We truly commend Old Glory Honor Flight for its efforts to honor our State’s heroes in this memorable way.”

Lorraine Van Kampen who serves on the Board of Directors for the Old Glory Honor Flight also said, “The window of opportunity for these veterans to revisit this historic site is very short since most survivors are in their nineties. We are losing these men and women at an alarming rate each day, so we work very hard to get them their long overdue tour of honor.”

Old Glory Honor Flight is still seeking $85,000 in donations to make the Pearl Harbor flight in June possible.

To contribute, visit www.oldgloryhonorflight.org or contact Van Kampen at 920-982-3117. Donations can also be mailed directly to Old Glory Honor Flight, 4650 W. Spencer Street, Appleton, WI 54914.

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