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Clintonville Fire Department gets $88,670 grant

The Clintonville Fire Department was awarded a FEMA Assistance to Fire Fighters Grant on Feb. 10.

This is the fourth time since 2007 that the department has received a grant from this program.

In 2007, the department received a total of $202,000 for Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), often called turn-out gear, consisting of structural fire fighting pants and coats. In 2008, the department received $52,000 for air cascade systems and a gear washer extractor.

In 2009, a complete radio upgrade was completed with $64,500 of grant money. In 2011, the department received $88,670 for a 5-inch diameter hose upgrade. The city will share 5 percent of the grant ($4,433).

“With this grant we will purchase over 4,200 feet of 5-inch large diameter supply line, to completely replace all 3-inch hose we currently use as our supply line,” said Paul Writt, who worked with Mark Doornink to secure the grant funds. “We will purchase over 40 separate adapters, and 10 separate valves, from master intake valves on the trucks, to hydrant assist valves. We will now be able to mutual aid with all departments in the county and surrounding communities without having to carry special adapters to meet our needs.”

Doornink said the latest equipment upgrade will have a genuine impact at fire scenes.

“This is not a real flashy or exciting addition to the department but it is one that will have a true impact when there are fires where good water supply is needed,” Doornink stated. “This is a huge improvement in our water supply capabilities over the 3-inch lines we currently use. Any owner of a business in our industrial park should be very pleased. We now have the ability to supply enough water to properly protect our businesses located there. We also have rural situations where there are long narrow driveways when backing a tanker up the driveway is both slow and dangerous. This will allow us to put our portable water tank at the road and relay pump the water up the driveway to the fire ground. Paul Writt and I are very excited about this addition to our department.”

The department has received over $407,000 in grant money over the past five years.

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