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Freedom of conscience being attacked

The Catholic faith and the President were in disagreement still in regarding religious not secular Catholic health centers on rights of conscience.

The Catholic Church does support family planning for maternal and fetal health care, spacing of children, and even natural resource concerns. Catholic theology of the body is naturopathic, including midwifery and nursing, with exceptions in extenuating circumstances.

Most faiths use ancient holistic practices believed to be Divine Order, including dietary practices and holistic medicine that are not amendable.

Physicians Against the Pill rallied the White House with feminists and concerned African-American women who felt targeted to ‘contracept.’ Yesterday’s eugenists sterilized native peoples, gypsies and those with special needs. Today, nine of 10 Downs babies are aborted, as well as many baby girls, those with cleft pallet, and, recently, a female embryo carrying hemophilia genes.

The American Association of the Disabled is concerned.

Physicians and pharmacists have the ‘right of conscience,’ so why can’t the Catholic faith?

Will Catholic hospitals have to perform abortions as an end result? Will chiropractors be asked to write prescriptions, or midwives become limited in natural childbirth?

My church tithe does not need to pay for contraception or abortions, or indirect ties. Perhaps faith-based groups will need to create their own insurance organizations.

If you are a person of values/faith, this is a direct affront to your freedom of conscience.

This is the same president who said, “They cling to their guns and religion.”

I see people of faith dying to self, caring for the poor and marginalized, and keeping vigil with the dying in the streets and ghettos.

Mr. Obama, keep your laws off my Body … of Christ.

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