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Ribble’s votes are dangerous to Wisconsin

If you are either a retired senior, employee, seeking employment or in need of healthy services, Reid Ribble has voted against your interest.

Reid Ribble supports the FY 2012 Republican budget, which would reopen the presription drug donut hole, raise cost of Medicare, raise prescription drug cost, raise eligibility age to 67 and privatize Medicare, putting your health-care needs in the trust of for-profit insurance companies.

As for employment, while the rest of the nation had a 24-month job growth under Republican majority, Wisconsin led the nation in six-month job loss.

Ribble voted against leveling the playing field with China, costing nearly 2.8 million jobs. While a member of the Transportation Committee, Ribble voted for the American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Act of 2012, which includes a 61.5 million funding cut, an 8 percent decrease for Wisconsin.

He voted against tax cuts for the middle class while voting a billion of dollars in subsidies for big oil.

I am asking you to remember Jamie Wall, a Wisconsin-born farmer, who worked in the private sector. Jamie Wall is not a yes man to billionaires and the corporate elitist. He will fight to change the course Wisconsin is dangerously headed to.

Jamie Wall is knowledgeable and experienced in doing this. He was head of Wisconsin private sector economic development. He helped bring jobs into Wisconsin, including hundreds at Proctor and Gamble in Green Bay.

Jamie Wall helped establish the Northeast Wisconsin economic development organization. Unlike Ribble, who called Social Security a ponzi scheme, Jamie Wall vows to fight to protect Social Security and Medicare as we know it rather than leave it in the hands of for-profit insurance companies.

During the elections, you will hear lies, twists and spins. Please consider voting records.

Vote for Jamie Wall.

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