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WLC students visit Eagle River

Fourth- and fifth-grade students from Waupaca Learning Center traveled to Trees For Tomorrow Natural Resources Specialty School in Eagle River in May to learn about the Great Lakes ecosystem.

Their classroom and field studies were enhanced by visits with live animals and reinforced by outdoor expeditions employing hands-on learning.

With a focus on sustainability, resource awareness and outdoor recreation, students learned the forestry history of the region, trekked wilderness areas and examined managed forests. They learned about wolves, bats, beavers and loons.

Fourth graders had the chance to make their own dreamcatchers, investigating Native American culture in Wisconsin. F

Fifth graders were taught how to survive the outdoor elements. Both groups hiked the Anvil Trail with a map and compass. Waupaca Learning Center fourth-grade students received scholarship support for their workshop from the Hume Foundation and the Wisconsin Energy Foundation. Fifth-grade students were given scholarship support for their workshop from Tug Juday and the Wisconsin Energy Foundation.

Trees For Tomorrow encourages students to spend time outdoors and gain an appreciation for nature. They have the opportunity to understand the application of concepts, and their relevance in the practical world, visiting animal habitats, forestry sites, streams, wilderness areas, bogs, lakes and other features of the northern forest ecosystem.

For more information on the program, call 715-479-6456 or visit www.TreesForTomorrow.com.

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