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Send a woman, not a lobbyist to Washington

I cannot believe what is going on in this country. Mitt Romney has flip-flopped again. All we have heard is that he was going to kill Obamacare as soon as he takes office. Pretty hard to do without going through Congress. Tommy Thompson is campaigning on the promise that as the 51st Republican senator he will kill Obamacare.

Recently, on Meet the Press, Romney now says he wants to keep parts of Obamacare and use parts of his health care plan for Massachusetts.

The Affordable Care Act was based on the health care plan that Romney enacted while governor of Massachusetts, and President Barack Obama has been very clear about using Romney’s plan as a model. What is not clear is how Tommy Thompson is going to keep his promise. There are 100 senators. There is an election this year and nobody knows how the new Senate will lean. Or does Thompson have faith in the amount of money poured into this election by special interest groups. Having worked as a lobbyist, Thompson, I am sure, will garner as much money as he can to promote their interests.

Olympia Snow is leaving the Senate this year. She has been a very reputable member of the Senate for years. I say, it’s time for Wisconsin to send a senator to Washington who is a young women with new ideas instead of another member of “The Old Boy’s Club.”

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