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Who is the real Romney?

In the upcoming election, the voter has a great dilemma.

Who is telling the truth and how could this uncertainty affect them, their community, country and world?

We are inundated with mailings, robo-calls and ads on television and radio.

Even candidate debates have given us reason to doubt what is being said.

When will honesty, fact and reality return to our political discourse?

Looking back on experience, I recall times when a person has confided in me their opinion of others, assuming I agree.

This is much like candidate Mitt Romney speaking, in private, at a $50,000 a plate dinner, saying that his “job is not to worry about these people,” referring to 47 percent of the United States population.

When this became public knowledge, he then had a change of heart, apologizing at rallies and appearing compassionate during the first presidential debate.

This makes me pause to wonder what Romney really believes and how he will serve all of the people, if he is elected president.

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