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Another tree comes down in downtown Iola

The removal of the tree in front of the Crystal Café was approved by the Iola Village Board at its Nov. 11 meeting.

The Crystal Café requested that the tree’s removal because it is tearing up the sidewalk and will block signage for the business.

“If it’s cracking the sidewalk, it probably should come down,” said Village Trustee Terry Murphy.

Trustee Betty Finch worried that Main Street will look “a little lopsided with trees only on one side.”

Village President Joel Edler said that particular tree is half-dead and should be removed before it falls down.

In other business, the board approved refinancing $1.75 million in debt.

Along with the refinancing, the loan for the wastewater treatment facility will be reclassified as a revenue obligation debt rather than as a general obligation debt.

According to the village attorney, the actual debt is only about $1.72 million and will be refinanced at 4.5 percent for the remaining 28 years of the loan.

It was noted that the loan will be financed through the sewer fund and will be paid off by 2041.


River Walk signage

The board discussed adding signage to keep snowmobiles and other motorized vehicles off of the new River Walk trail.

It was noted the original plans included placing posts at the entrances that would prevent any type of vehicle from entering the trail.

There was some discussion about closing the River Walk for the winter. The board decided that the trail should remain open for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

Edler said signs prohibiting motorized vehicles need to be put in six places.

“If we can’t get the signs up in time, we may have to close the trail,” he said.

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