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Triangle Park no place for digital sign

Family opposes lighted sign in park donated by their grandfather

It has come to our attention that the city of Manawa is again considering the installation of a lighted digital sign on the Triangle Park that was donated to the city by our grandfather Arthur Lindsay.

At one time, in the early 1900s, he and his wife Sadie resided on that parcel before their house was moved to the lot on Depot Street, next to where the Little Wolf High School used to be (a house which our father, Kneale Lindsay, eventually remodeled).

We no longer reside in Manawa but we are frequent visitors, and always stay in the Lindsay Bed & Breakfast across from the Triangle. This house was built by our great-grandfather and was where we lived as children.

We have fond memories of Friday night band concerts on the Triangle and pick-up football games there on Saturday afternoons with friends. It was a popular gathering place, intended for fun and recreation.

The Triangle, a gift to the city, was not intended to be an advertising venue.

Whenever we visit Manawa we yearn for the abundance of trees that once lined the streets, and always mention to one another that if we lived there we would pursue a tree planting program to bring back the shady small town ambiance that embodied Manawa’s character and charm years ago.

We would not place so much emphasis on the cowboy aspect of the Lions’ rodeo (which draws a large audience one week out of the year), but bring back vibrant amenities that effectively attract visitors and appeal to and fill the needs of residents year-round.

You may say, “Well, those Lindsay kids don’t live here anymore, so what’s the big deal?”

We may not physically live there, but our hearts are in Manawa. When you are born and grow up in such an idyllic place it stays with you, always. Forever.

Three generations of our family are buried in the Little Wolf Cemetery and one day, we will be too.

The Lindsay Athletic Park, the Triangle, the Lindsay House Bed & Breakfast – all are illustrative of our family’s influence and affection for our small town which was built with the early help of Lindsay Light & Power.

Please reconsider the location of the digital sign on the Triangle Park. Surely you can find a less scenic location for this blemish on Manawa’s landscape.

The Lindsay family would appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Sara Lindsay Rath
Spring Green

Arthur P. Lindsay
McMinville, Oregon

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