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Triangle Park still has issues

Manawa mayor objects to memorials
By Jane Myhra

Several issues remain unresolved at Triangle Park in downtown Manawa.

When the Manawa Common Council met Sept. 21, Mayor John Smith asked that the Improvements & Services Committee take a look at the placement of memorials in Triangle Park.

“We need to make it a park, not a memorial situation,” he said. “Some of the things in there are not maintained.”

He noted that some things in the park need to be updated, such as the Manawa sign, which he said is outdated and dilapidated.

“Parks should be full of flowers, trees and benches, not debris,” Smith said.

The council also approved the Manawa Area Chamber of Commerce’s request to close city streets for the annual Fall Fest.

The permit will allow the closure of Union Street to Inn Street and Second Street from South Bridge Street to Mill Street every year for Fall Fest until such time the permit is no longer needed.

The council discussed if the $25 permit fee to close a street should be charged. Smith said the fee should be charged every year.

“We’re providing extra personnel and bringing in cones,” he said.

In other business, the council set Halloween trick-or-treat hours for 5-7 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 31.

A certificate of substantial completion and final pay request of $12,398.01 was approved for the Second Street project. Kruczek Construction was the contractor on the project.

Also approved was a private well permit for Harry Schaefer, Riverview Drive, for five years. City Clerk Cheryl Hass explained that the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources requires that well permits be renewed every five years.

Mike Frazier reported that he heard good things about Manawa when he attended a recent Rural Development meeting.

“I found out, as a community, we are doing a fine job. We are starting to put Manawa on the map,” Frazier said. “It’s nice to hear Manawa being spoken of positively.”

Fire Board Representative Mary Eck asked council members for their input on allowing the purchase of a utility truck.

“I see it as a tough sell because we just purchased a big, shiny truck,” she said. “But I can see both sides of it.”

Eck explained that the Manawa Rural Fire Department has already saved most of the money needed to purchase a new utility truck, which will cost about $55,000.

She said the truck will be used to pull the gator and for transportation to meeting and MABA calls. Currently, firefighters use their own vehicles to pull the gator, and a big fire truck is used for all MABA runs.

The council members discussed how the MRFD has a history of having a sound budget and spending wisely.

“They are always good stewards with whatever they get,” said Mike Miller.

The council agreed that its fire board representatives may approve the purchase of the utility truck.

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