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Remington statue receives reprieve

Manawa council tables decision on Triangle Park

By Jane Myhra

The Remington statue was not included with the items to be removed from Triangle Park.

The Handrich and Groholski memorials are to be moved, the Manawa Common Council decided at its Oct. 19 meeting.

The original recommendation by the Improvements and Services Committee was to remove all three items.

After discussion, the council vote was tied at 3-3, leaving the final decision to Mayor John Smith.

“You all know how I feel about the horse and the rodeo,” Smith told the council, “but I want to be fair to the people.”

He voted against the motion.

“I am going to allow my council people to do their work,” Smith said.

He recommended that the council members ask their constituents if they want the statue removed from Triangle Park. He said the issue will be decided at the next council meeting on Nov. 16.

“If we get another tie vote, I’m voting ‘aye,’” Smith said.

Mike Frazier, chair of the Improvements and Services Committee, restated the motion to include the two memorials and not the statue. There was no opposition and the motion carried.

The Groholski memorial was ordered to be removed, with the Groholski family being refunded the $500 maintenance fee.

The Handrich memorial will eventually be moved to Veterans Freedom Park.

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