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False claims at city council meeting

Badger Power president addresses issues

A while after my presentation at the Oct. 13 Clintonville City Council meeting the discussion came up about the council approving the mayor’s appointment to the Badger Power Board.

The confusion from so many people saying non-truths was mind boggling, let alone council member Mary-Beth Kuester standing up during the discussion and handing out resumes for this position to anyone who would accept them. She was like a spoiled child who wanted to get her way.

Some council members claimed the mayor already hired this person, this was said by various council members who approved this exact position in the past with no discussion. This time they acted out and put on a show as if it was all new to them on how the process worked. They further made claims that the Badger Power Board hired this person, which is absolutely false.

You can now see they had a preset agenda because I explained all this in the opening minutes of this meeting.

Then came the outright lies from Kuester as she stated that at a previous meeting someone dissed the public. After she was sternly corrected by two members of the council who were at that meeting, she then said she must have misunderstood, but then she said the lie again within a minute. Kuester’s term comes up in April 2016.

After this circus, there was a vote. It ended up 4-4 with one abstaining.

I asked the mayor if I could speak to correct some of the issues, but in order for that to happen, the council had to vote to approve me speaking. To no surprise they did not allow me to correct their misstatements.

Mike Krueger

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