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Downtown Waupaca drug bust

Deputies staked out park while informant made buys

A man whose apartment overlooked Rotary Riverview Park is accused of selling pot in downtown Waupaca.

Carlo Maglietto, 46, is charged with four counts of felony delivery of marijuana.

According to the criminal complaint, a police informant arranged to purchase a quarter ounce of marijuana from Maglietto.

The alleged sale took place in the early evening of Nov. 18, 2015, after the informant reportedly met Maglietto in an alley behind South Main Street and gave him $125.

Deputies set up surveillance in front of Maglietto’s apartment on the 100 block of North Main Street, as well as both ends of the park.

Officers reported seeing a red Ford drive into the park from South Division Street and stop at the pedestrian ramp, where it was met with Maglietto. The car then drove north out of the park.

Investigators arranged two more marijuana buys in December 2015 and one more in January 2016. One of the deals was reportedly for $420 and made in the stairwell leading from Union Street to the park.

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