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Remodeling city hall

New offices to offer more privacy

By Erik Buchinger

The Clintonville City Hall has begun a remodel, which is set to be completed within the next few months.

Remodeling for the city hall will create two separate areas for the City Hall administrative office as well as the utility office. The former council chambers will be remodeled into the utility office with four work stations.

Common council meetings and elections have been moved to the Clintonville Community Center until the project is completed. Some of the work has begun with an anticipated completion date in April or May.

Answers were provided via email in a combined effort from City Administrator Chuck Kell, Parks & Recreation Director Justin Mc Auly, Utility Accountant Stacy Zachow and Clerk-Treasurer Peggy Johnson.

According to the email response, the purpose of the remodel is “to provide a more efficient work environment and privacy for our citizens. Both offices combined have four employees that share an open area, and two other employees have offices that have open windows to the shared area.”

The utility departments also have two meter techs along with two department managers who daily are in the City Hall office occasionally to perform some duties as well.

“The utility department has a large number of customers in daily, which can cause a disruption to the other workers as conversations can be overheard due to the layout,” the email stated. “Added to that are the people in for City Hall, whether it be signing up for Park & Rec programs, paying taxes or other payments, or requesting information that can be overheard and interrupt others’ concentration on their work duties.

Personal information is also an issue that the city hopes will be addressed with the remodel.

“The two offices lack privacy due to the windows. There are many occasions where employees are in seeking assistance or discussing health issues (HIPAA) in which confidentiality is a requirement. There are also times that management or legal discussions are occurring which can also be overheard.”

Mc Auly is currently waiting on a few quotes, so the total project cost is unclear at this point, and the project will be paid for from the City and Utilities Capital funds.

All committee meetings are planned to continue to be held at their current locations. Any special meeting or location change would be listed on the agenda as usual.

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