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Visits with Smokey

Kindergarten students learn about wildfires

Each year, the kindergarten classrooms in Weyauwega receive several Smokey the Bear items from the Weyauwega Fire Department.

The items include a stuffed animal, backpack, story and coloring book.

The Smokey the Bear stuffed animal and backpack go home with each one of the students before the spring wildland fire season begins.

Each student receives a “Smokey Learning and Coloring Book.”

After the Smokey the Bear stuffed animal visits the homes of all the kindergarten students, a random drawing takes place in each of the kindergarten classrooms.

A student in each of the classes gets to keep the stuffed animal and backpack and take both items home.

This year, Hailey Seward was chosen from Marilyn Schwanke’s class at St. Peter Lutheran School.

Also chosen were Holpen Pagel from Kim Penney’s class at Weyauwega Elementary School and Grant Baehnman from Jodi Zeichert’s class at Weyauwega Elementary School.

On the days Smokey Bear was given to the students, each kindergartner received a Weyauwega Fire Department Junior Firefighter helmet.

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