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Beggs seeks second stint

Running for mayor unopposed

By Bert Lehman

When the residents of Clintonville vote on Tuesday, April 3, they will notice a familiar name on the ballot in the city’s mayoral election.

Richard Beggs, who served as mayor for the city of Clintonville from 2004 to 2010, is running unopposed to once again be mayor of the city.

“I enjoyed being the mayor the last time I was there for six years,” Beggs told the Clintonville Tribune-Gazette. “People were good to me and I felt rewarded by knowing what was going on in the town.”

After six years as mayor, Beggs decided not to seek reelection in 2010. Now, eight years later, he is looking forward to the possibility of once again being mayor.

“I’m anxious to get back in and see if I can help smooth things out and make people a little happier,” Beggs said.

Beggs said he enjoys living in Clintonville, a city he says is populated by hard-working people.
The biggest challenge facing the city is its budget, Beggs said.

“The amount of income compared to the amount of deeds is unbalanced,” Beggs said. “That’s not due to somebody’s fault, that’s just how it is.”

He added that the city has to manage its limited resources the best it can. He feels the current council has done a good job of doing that.

The recent closing of the city’s Tax Incremental Districts will also help increase the resources available to the city, Begg said.

If elected, Beggs said he plans to work on finding a resolution for the city’s outdoor swimming pool situation. The pool has not been open since a fire at the facility in December 2015.

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