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Clintonville hopes to rid Mathews Bay of metal

Lake district requests city’s help

By Bert Lehman

The Pigeon Lake Protection and Rehabilitation District has requested help from the city of Clintonville to remove scrap metal from the Pigeon Lake bed in the Mathews Bay area.

The Clintonville Streets Committee discussed the feasibility of working with the lake district on this project at a Dec. 6 meeting.

“I think we have the equipment to do that but it would be something I think would have to be a cooperative effort between the Pigeon Lake District and obviously the city of Clintonville,” Clintonville Public Works Director Kray Brown said.

Brown said the city received an email from a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources representative giving the city permission to undertake such a project.

He added that if the project moves forward, the city is advised not to remove more of the lake bed than is necessary to extract the metal items.

In an effort to disturb the lake bed as little as possible, tracking mats would need to be used for the excavator, Brown said.

Clintonville Streets Committee Chairman Jim Supanich asked Brown to create a plan with estimated costs for the project and present it at the next committee meeting.

“If we can get that metal out of there, that would be a great idea,” Supanich said.

Supanich added that he would like to present a plan to the Clintonville City Council at its January meeting.

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