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Clintonville increases contingency fund for dam

City has spent $30,000 in unexpected costs

By Bert Lehman

The city of Clintonville is adding money to its contingency fund for repairs to the Pigeon River Dam because the amount originally set aside has been used up.

On Jan. 8 the Clintonville City Council approved the increase, which was recommended by the Clintonville Streets Committee.

Concrete work below the dam was more involved than expected, which used up more of the contingency fund than anticipated, Jim Supanich, streets committee chairman, told the committee at its Jan. 3 meeting.

“Besides that, there were some other considerations that had to be addressed so that they have a reasonable shot to get this dam repair done by basically the middle of May,” Supanich said. “The contingencies that we had set up we spent on things that already developed, and the thought would be to recommend to finance [committee] and council the establishment of an additional contingency fund.”

Clintonville City Administrator Sharon Eveland told the committee the city has already spent about $30,000 from the current contingency fund for the dam repairs.

She recommended the city establish the dam repair contingency fund at $50,000, with $30,000 of that amount already expended.

The additional funds would come from the 2019 capital budget.

Clintonville Public Works Director Kray Brown told the committee the funds expended for change orders for the dam repair project, which are paid for from the contingency fund, are eligible for grant funds.

Eveland said currently there isn’t a need for additional funds, but adding more funds to the contingency fund would allow dam repair work to continue without interruption if more problems arise.

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