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Clintonville Youth League pays its 2018 user fees

City to discuss long-term projects with CYL

By Bert Lehman

The Clintonville Youth League, which withheld payment of its 2018 user fees to the city of Clintonville, has now paid those fees.

“I received an email from the organization that they were going to pay the fees as a token of good faith, that the city is going to come to the table to address some of the issues and concerns they have,” City Administrator Sharon Eveland told the Clintonville Finance Committee at its Feb. 11 meeting.

Eveland also confirmed to the committee that the city received the check the morning of Feb. 11, the same day she received the email from the organization.

“So they have paid in full and I’m waiting to hear back from them on some dates to have some discussions on some long-term projects,” Eveland said.

The Clintonville Youth League had owed the city $4,850.

In January, the Tribune-Gazette reported the league asked the city to waive its user fees for 2018 and beyond in exchange for donations to city parks, such as building new dugouts, concession stands and restrooms and installing new field lighting at Bucholtz Park.

League representatives also told city officials they should not pay user fees because they believe the Parks and Recreation Department does not adequately maintain the ball fields at Bucholtz Park.

Committee member Jim Supanich recommended that the city find out from the Clintonville Youth League what complaints they have.

“Because two of those [complaints] have actually popped up before,” Supanich said. “The dugouts showed up in, I believe the comprehensive study, that they had to be upgraded. And it was about six months ago at a park and rec. meeting where Justin [Mc Auly, Clintonville Parks and Recreation director] mentioned in passing that we really should do something about the lights. So I think we need to get a full understanding of what all their concerns and problems are so Park and Rec. can address them all, or address them in some form.”

He added that if Clintonville Youth League is agreeing to a contract with the city to use its facilities, the city needs to provide a field that is usable per the contract.

Eveland said the city already has some of that information.

“One of the things I asked them for is a list of proposals,” Eveland said. “Because part of their deal is wanting to partner with the city on some capital improvements on the field, and I’ve asked them to come with an actual list with estimated costs and what year they want to get them done. Clearly we can’t do everything in one year.”

She said she also asked the Clintonville Youth League to provide a list of general maintenance concerns it has.

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