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Snow causes sagging roof

Waupaca High School temporarily without gym

Heavy snows may have damaged the roof over the Waupaca High School gym.

According to an email WHS Principal Michael Werbowsky sent to parents Thursday, the gym will remain closed until the snow is removed and repairs are made.

Thr trusses supporting the roof were damaged and the roof was sagging.

A structural engineer evaluated the load on Wednesday afternoon and consulted with the truss manufacturer.

The engineer, who was on the team that designed the high school, will inspect the roof again once the snow is removed.

Werbowsky told the Waupaca County Post that the snow is being removed by a contractor and should be completed by Friday afternoon or Saturday.

Werbowski said he did not know how long it would take, but the engineer’s advice will help guide how the district responds.

“We’re hoping that it’s not a lengthy period of time,” Werbowski said,

The sagging roof first came to the staff’s attention when they noticed the curtains in the gym were lower than normal.

Werbowski said Aaron Jenson, the district’s athletic director, is working with the city’s rec center and other schools to provide gym space for physical education classes and indoor practice space for spring sports.

“I can’t wait for spring to be here,” Werbowski said, noting there has been a record amount of snowfall this winter.

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