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Waupaca celebrates poetry

April is National Poetry Month

By Angie Landsverk

Waupaca will celebrate National Poetry Month this April.

“It started with Arts on the Square. It was poetry and storytelling. We had wonderful poets from the community and outside of it,” said Anita Olson. “Now we have a whole month of it instead of a day.

She is a member of the Waupaca Community Arts Board (WCAB), and co-chairs the Poetry Committee with Mary Phair.

Last year, the arts board moved its poetry celebration to April, coinciding with the national celebration.

“So it will always be held in April in Waupaca,” Olson said.

WCAB is collaborating with the Waupaca Area Public Library again.

Several activities are taking place there.

Throughout April, the library is supplying book pages, supplies and instructions for Blackout Poetry.

“You get one page from a book and circle the words you want in your poem,” Olson said.

The crankie is also returning to the library.

The wooden frame houses Waupaca’s longest poem ever.

“We initially got 40 poems from the community. Last year, people typed their poems,” Olson said.

A manual typewriter will be placed on the library’s main floor for the month, so people may write more poems.

Poetry Committee members are reading favorite poems throughout April on 96.3 FM and 99.1 FM.

In addition, musicians Wade Fernandez and Marci Beaucoup are set to discuss how music, lyrics and poetry intersect.

People may enjoy their original music and poetry/lyrics during a program being broadcast throughout April on both radio stations.

“Our whole mission is community building through the arts,” Olson said. “We’re always thinking about who we can connect with. We don’t do many things alone.”

WCAB is working with the retailer’s group Waupaca, King and In Between to host a scavenger hunt.

Pick up a participation sheet from a retailer and look for hidden poems in businesses for a chance to win a poetry book.

A poetry reading is at 22 Lakes Brewery on April 24.

On April 25, the library is hosting Poem in Your Pocket Sewing Day.

People are encouraged to make copies of their favorite poems that day, and to share them with others.

“Poetry is catching on in Waupaca,” said Olson. “It’s going to be a fun time.”

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