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Village board approves projects

Improvements planned at Black Otter Lake

By John Faucher

Hortonville Village Board unanimously approved three Black Otter Lake improvement projects at its May 21 meeting.

The three projects totaling $44,428 include the addition of a permanent fishing pier at Veterans Park, a portable fishing pier at Black Otter Park, and a new permanent dock at the Lakeshore Drive boat launch.

Village Administrator David DeTroye informed the board that the three projects were part of the village’s original Capital Improvement Plan for 2020-22.

He asked the board’s permission to expedite two parts of the plan to help with scheduling and reduce costs associated with equipment staging.

The village will contract with Schmidt Boat Lifts and Docks of Kaukauna for construction of the two permanent piers.

“Any work that we would want them to be completing would be pushed off until September or October of this year,” said DeTroye.

Economies of scale

“At that point with the economies of scale they said they could work us better pricing if we could complete two of the projects at one time rather than bringing their barge out on two separate occasions,” DeTroye said.

The two permanent structures would be built on pilings and consists of maintenance proof steel and weather resistant Aztec decking.

“With proper care and treatment, they should last for a long, long time,” DeTroye said.

He told the board Schmidt Boat Lift and Docks would also agree to place a temporary portable fishing pier in Veterans Park for the remainder of this summer.

“That was something that I had asked to be expedited on their list to see if we could get those in earlier in the year. With the current situation we’re in now, it would be nice to give kids another opportunity to fish,” said DeTroye.

Veteran’s Park property runs up to the shoreline of Black Otter Lake however there has never been a dock located there for public use.

Currently the only designated fishing pier located in the village is at the South Nash Street Bridge.

There is also an accessible canoe and kayak launch at Black Otter Park, but fishing is prohibited from that portable structure.

The Lake Shore Drive boat launch pier does allow for fishing.

DeTroye said with the construction of a permanent pier at the launch this fall, the public works crew would take the existing portable boat launch pier and repurpose it into a floatable fishing pier for Black Otter Park.

“You would be able to satisfy all of the next three years of capital planning for the Lake with projects that we could complete this year,” said DeTroye.

Reserve funds cover most costs

Funds for the $44,428 in projects would come from the boat launch reserve fund ($12,000), Veterans Park reserve fund ($3,000), Black Otter Lake District ($5,000 set aside for 2020), 2020 capital improvement plan set aside funds ($5,000), and $9,428 from the future projects reserve fund.

DeTroye said BOLD has an additional $10,000 earmarked from its 2021 budget after their new fiscal year begins in September.

“These are all what I would call extremely nice amenities for the village,” DeTroye said.

Public Works Director Carl McCrary agreed and noted the extent of all the new amenities that would be created with “just a little bit of financial input.”

“A lot of that money has already been earmarked. We’re just asking to bump it forward with a little over $9,000 out of future projects,” said McCrary.

DeTroye said with early completion of projects, future CIP planning will reimburse the future projects funding used.

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