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Publisher’s Letter

A Kind World, An Adult World

Patrick Wood

Dear Reader,

We are all stars in our own little worlds. At least the lucky ones feel like they are stars in their own little worlds. Why? Because we are, or should be, doing the best that we can with what we have.

The children – they are the most important people of all in our lives. We try to give them an innocent and happy childhood.
We try to protect them from all the turmoil that invades from every corner of life. We try to shield them from the calamity and bad choices that run rampant in so many areas of life at the moment. We don’t want them to witness so much in this world that is just not right – the ferocious animosity that gives no quarter for the vanquished and cares not about collateral damage, even to the youngest and oldest among us.

The least we can do as adults is to be kind. We need to try harder to treat each other with the respect and civility we all deserve as human beings. So many of the norms and guardrails have been destroyed in the past half dozen years. We need to rebuild – if for no other reason than to protect the children.

It will be a good day when the kids become adults and step up to take over. Hopefully they will help create a much better world.

Patrick J. Wood

Author of “Dear Reader” and “Tapestry of Love and Loss”

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