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Publisher’s Letter

Watching Familiar Memory Ghosts

Dear Reader,

Recently I found myself in a rocking chair looking out over a merrily blazing fire pit. In the distance, a river flowed languidly toward its far-off destination. The sun drifted across the sky as a once-vigorous wind mellowed into a gentle breeze.

As I delved into a bag overflowing with recollections, familiar memory ghosts materialized to guide my visit to times gone by. How well I knew those days, and the conversations that shaped my life to become what it now is. Under the gentle supervision of the memory ghosts, the past came alive into the present moment.

They quietly left after the reverie ended. I made a note to myself, “Live in the present so fully so that the memory ghosts of the future will spark an even richer dialogue.”


Author of “Dear Reader” and “Tapestry of Love and Loss”

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