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Publisher’s Letter

Seeds of Impact

Patrick Wood

Dear Reader,

Recently my three daughters held a birthday celebration for me. Prior to the event, they asked all invited to send in a message regarding their insights, perceptions, and role in my life. A book of all the missives was compiled, sprinkled with photographs of many extraordinary families and friends I rode the trails with. It was a magnificently crafted treasure trove of memories.

When reading the messages, what struck me most was how I had affected their lives. So many events and engagements had been lost in my memory since I’ve pretty much always pushed forward. Their thoughtfully shared reminiscences conveyed to me words and actions that had a profound and lasting effect on their odyssey.

I was reminded of the unknowable impact we all have in our engagements with others. Planned or inadvertent, advice and counsel and the marshaling of available resources can help a person get a leg up on the ladder. Even a positive comment and smile, or a simple question of how one’s day is going, can ripple through another person’s interactions to still more people on the journey. These seeds are worth planting in the precious days allotted to us.


Author of “Dear Reader” and “Tapestry of Love and Loss”

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