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Calling 911

Waupaca County sheriff’s report June 11

June 2 – A 911 caller reported a woman showed up in his driveway and said a car was following her. She was crying and very upset.

June 2 – A Weyauwega caller on Springer Road reported two people were doing drugs on her property and believed it was a probation violation. One of them used her vehicle and left a pipe in it.

June 2 – A New London caller on Ostrander Road reported she had a check stolen and cashed at her bank.

June 2 – A 911 caller reported the death of an 80-year-old man that had difficulty breathing.

June 2 – A Marion caller on Main Street reported someone called her while she was working at Dollar General. They wanted information about the computers. She ended up giving them $600 through a scam involving codes from cards.

June 2 – A New London caller on Weyauwega Road reported coming across a woamn wearing all black and barefoot on County Trunk X. She was walking on the wrong side of the road. The caller asked her if she was OK. The woman replied she was going to Green Bay.

June 2 – The Wisconsin Veterans Home reported a resident was missing $71.

June 2 – A 911 caller reported a house fire on the E6000 block of State Highway 54, New London.

June 2 – A Weyauwega caller on Alfred Street reported a firearm on the roadway.

June 3 – A man at a campground reported the theft of a Ford F150 that disappeared during the night. Inside the truck were a 12-gauge double-barrel shotgun and a .45-caliber revolver.

June 3 – Sunset BP reported two people were in the store who may have been involved in a recent police chase.

June 3 – An unknown caller reported his trailer was stuck in the water by a boat dock.

June 3 – A caller reported a female juvenile took $6,200 and paperwork the night before and she wanted to report her as a runaway.

June 3 – A caller reported a “huge fight” involving 10 people and a Cadillac.

June 3 – A Waupaca woman on Skyview Lane reported getting threatening phone calls from another woman.

June 3 – A Waupaca caller on Lind Center Road reported her mother was drunk and she busted down the door. There was blood on the floor.

June 4 – A Menasha caller reported a partially submerged brown boat 40 yards away from the boat landing and he did not see anyone around.

June 4 – A caller requested an officer, saying she was being assaulted. She then said she was being verbally assaulted. A male in the background said, “You are trespassing.” The caller hung up.

June 4 – A Clintonville caller on Jannusch Road reported the illegal dumping of mattresses and box springs in the ditch.

June 4 – A Weyauwega man on State Highway 110 reported his son locked himself in the camper wand would not open the door.

June 4 – An unknown caller requested an ambulance for a 58-year old man who was changing color and having difficulty breathing. He had been outside all day and now he was combative.

June 4 – A New London caller reported a vehicle on Church Road doing donuts and leaving marks in a parking lot.

June 4 – A New London caller on Crain Road reported gunshots fired from the window of a dark blue Chevy truck near the Lebanon swamp area.

June 4 – A Clintonville caller on River Road reported a 69-year-old woman was breathing but not responsive and there was blood on the pillow.

June 4 – A Clintonville caller on Swamp Road reported he passed a vehicle going a high rate of speed and a person threw a liquid at his vehicle.

June 4 – An Iola woman on State Street reported hearing weird noises and thought someone might be in her house.

June 5 – A Clintonville caller on Laude Road reported he suspected another man of putting rocks in his hayfield.

June 5 – The Wisconsin Veterans Home reported a physical altercation between two residents.

June 5 – A male caller reported a heavy-set intoxicated man was screaming and refusing to leave. He almost fell asleep in the water and he was calling everyone crazy.

June 5 – A female caller provided an address where animals were malnourished and being neglected. She said there were dead sheep in the yard.

June 5 – A Bear Creek man on State Highway 22 reported someone hit a utility pole, knocked down the lines and there was no power.

June 5 – A Waupaca man on Grandview Road reported a boat floated to his dock.

June 6 – ThedaCare-Waupaca reported a female patient wanted to make a report of domestic abuse that occurred with her husband the night before.

June 6 – A 911 caller reported a tractor and a hayfield on fire.

June 6 – A Weyauwega caller on Anklam Road reported her brother-in-law was yelling and accusing her of stealing his stuff. He was now yelling in the driveway.

June 6 – A Manawa man on Little Creek Road reported a sprayer knocked down a utility pole and the live wires set a field on fire.

June 6 – A Waupaca caller on County Trunk QQ reported a camper had parked on her property and was refusing to leave.

June 6 – A Weyauwega man on White Lake Road reported a fire sparking on a tree.

June 7 – An Ogdensburg woman on Water Street requested a welfare check on a woman who missed a court date because she was intoxicated. At the time of the call, the woman was still intoxicated and “freaking out in her house.”

June 7 – A Waupaca woman on Shoemaker Road reported a boy about 8 or 9 years old with a lunchbox and backpack on the road with his thumb sticking out.

June 7 – A Waupaca man on County Trunk K reported an ongoing issue with an old Camaro or Firebird doing burnouts in an intersection.

June 7 – A Manawa caller on Spring Creek Road reported his neighbor yelling at him for some poison he put on his crabgrass.

June 7 – A Weyauwega woman on Elandt Road reported a fire giving off black smoke and a foul stench.

June 7 – A New London woman on Oshkosh Street reported neighbors fighting. Two males and female were involved.

June 8 – A Clintonville man on Main Street reported two people he suspected to be dealing drugs.

June 8 – A Waupaca woman on Isabelle Lane reported a juvenile who was having a psychotic episode, screaming and trying to get out of the car.

June 8 – A Manawa man reported smoke and flame coming from the woods near the high school.

June 8 – A Waupaca woman on Shirley Court reported a 19-year-old female was allowing parakeets to fly free and thought this was a form of animal n neglect.

June 8 – A woman on Bear Lake Road reported a black Jeep Grand Cherokee parked on her grass. A male was sleeping inside. He drove off and “seemed out of it.”

June 8 – An anonymous caller reported the sound of construction and said it was “too early for this much noise.” It was 6:56 a.m.

June 9 – A Weyauwega man on Frontage Road reported his dog was stolen while he was in the hospital and was now for sale on Facebook.

June 9 – Schueller’s Great Exspectations reported the theft of some items.

June 9 – Rawhide Youth Services reported one student assaulted another student.

June 9 – The Wisconsin Veterans Home reported an altercation between two residents.

June 9 – A New London Caller on Larry Road reported getting a fraudulent check for $301.

June 10 – A Weyauwega woman on State Highway 110 reported a juvenile male took an extension cord, put it around her daughter’s neck and tried choking her. He was also swinging around an axe.

June 10 – A Weyauwega man on Frontage Road reported he was at his neighbor’s house and his neighbor’s wife threatened to shoot and kill him.

June 10 – Bear Lake Campground reported a fight between multiple people.

June 10 – Hotel Fremont reported a person refusing to leave and threatening to beat up the caller.

June 11 – A Waupaca caller on Ware Road reported the theft a catalytic converter.

June 11 – A Weyauwega caller on Evanswood Road reported that while he was out of town, the 15-year old neighbor boy wanted his daughters to change clothes in front of him.

June 11 – Canadian national Railroad reported two suspicious individuals walking along the tracks.

June 11 – A Waupaca caller on Cobbtown Road reported a woman came into his home and started hitting him.

There were an average number of deer-auto collisions during this period. The water patrol stopped 25 boats during this period. Three turtles needed help crossing the road. ThedaCare-Waupaca reported a person was bitten by their own dog. An anonymous caller reported a dog barking in a weird and distressed way. An unknown caller reported finding a deceased dog with a trash bag wrapped around its head. A painted horse with no halter was reported waking down Baldwin Road. Crime Stoppers reported a case of dog neglect. A Clintonville man reported a dead horse near the side of the road and another running loose. Two goats were reported loose near Kluth Road.

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