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Making waves at Fort Fremont

Anna Bubolz does a toeside roll during a recent Hypertour Wakeboard Tournament in Fremont. Holly Neumann Photo

Wakeboard tournaments in July, August

By Holly Neumann

For several years now, Fort Fremont Marine has hosted Hypertour Wakeboard Tournaments.

Jeff Thompson, one of the owners of Fort Fremont, wants to give riders a wakeboarding experience they usually have to travel pretty far to do.

“We enjoyed doing this stuff when we were kids and enjoyed sharing it with other people,” he said. “So we thought what better way can we do that, than by hosting an event, right here on the water.”

The tournament has four divisions; Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Outlaw.

Among the competitors was Everett Heaslip, age 9, from Cambridge; Chris Full, 49, LaValle; and Anna Bubolz, 21. Fremont.

Heaslip competes in the Novice Division.

“This is a lot of fun and gives you good exercise,” Heaslip said. “I live on a lake, so I like doing this best.”

Heaslip already has five years of experience.

“My favorite move is a wake-to-wake jump, because it feels like you are flying,” he said. “And I did a good job here today. Having people watching you, makes you feel special, like you’re playing in the Stanley Cup.”

Full competed in the Outlaw Division, which has the highest level of tricks for the riders to perform.

“I am a competitor by nature,” he said. “It keeps my mental health strong.”

The half-cab roll is his favorite trick.

“I take off in my switch stance and do a flip and end up landing in my natural position,” Full said. “I hope all the spectators see an old dog still getting after it.”
Bubolz recalled getting on the wakeboard for the first time when she was 3 years old.

Chris Full shows that participants are never too old to compete in the Hypertour Wakeboard Tournament at Fort Fremont. Holly Neumann Photo

“My dad had me go out behind the boat and sort of pushed me up,” she said. “I actually started crying because I didn’t know what was going on.”

Now at the age of 21, she loves the sport.

“I like the adrenaline rush of the wakeboard, pushing my fear down and learning new tricks,” she said. “I like the freedom of being on the water and going out there behind the boat. I like feeling like there is no one is out there except me, the rope and the wake. It’s a great feeling.”

She encourages the younger generation to keep the sport going.

“Get involved,” she said. “It’s good family fun event for anyone that has a boat.”

Her future goals are to land all her tricks and to master some of her new ones.

“In July of 2023 I will be going to nationals,” she said. “I am excited to represent to local area.”

She feels these tournaments are essential to the Fremont community.

“It keeps involvement with the community and bring the community closer together,” she said. “It also bring people to this area and gives people the opportunity to try something they may have never done before. It’s just a cool event.”

Thompson added that Fort Fremont likes to give back to the community.

“There is a lot of competitive spirit,” he said. “But there is also a lot of family fun.”

Anyone is welcome to participate.

Future tournaments are set to take place Wednesdays, July 12 and Aug. 9. Spectators are welcome, and admission is free. Bring lawn chairs and blankets for viewing from the shore here at Fort Fremont.

For more information, go to fortfremont.com/Wakeboard-Tournaments

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