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Calling 911

Waupaca County sheriff’s report June 25

June 19 – A female caller reported a missing kayak that she believed was stolen to be sold for drug money.

June 19 – A New London man on Pershing Road reported he suspected his brother-in-law poisoned his bee hives.

June 19 – A Waupaca man on Casey Road reported his cell phone was stolen out of his vehicle and it was pinging somewhere in King.

June 19 – A Weyauwega man on Collum Road reported he has some property under a land contract. It increased in value and believed it involved some kind of insurance fraud.

June 19 – A Clintonville man on County Trunk D reported a Hispanic man came to his door and said he needed the police. The man smelled strongly of alcohol.

June 19 – A Waupaca caller on Woodland Circle reported her neighbor took a bunch of garbage and debris and barricaded her front door.

June 20 – A Weyauwega caller on High Street reported a 63-year-old woman woke up and was unable to use her left arm and her left leg was going numb.

June 20 – A Big Falls caller on Harrison Street reported one of the neighbor’s children banged on her door, tried to take a toy from her and bent her finger back and took off with a tricycle.

June 20 – A Waupaca woman on Mill Street reported a man was trespassing on her property.

June 20 – An Ogdensburg man on Blue Mountain Lake Road reported people were messing with a fishing boat that was sitting unattended for months.

June 20 – A Stevens Point caller reported her son’s ex-girlfriend was at the Cobblestone in Fremont and was high on methamphetamine and was “blowing up their phones.”

June 20 – A New London caller on Buelow Road reported her boyfriend punched her in the face.

June 20 – A female caller that has power of attorney for a man with dementia requested help getting him to the hospital. The man did not want to go and was increasingly angry.

June 20 – A Waupaca caller on Tomahawk Trail reported a burglary. The back service door was busted open and he was making a list of stolen items.

June 21 – A New London man on Hickory Ridge Lane reported his money was stolen for non performance of a contract by roofers that did not finish their work.

June 21 – An anonymous caller reported a woman was violating the absolute sobriety condition of her bond by using methamphetamine at a man’s house.

June 21 – An Iola caller on Bestul Road reported identity theft. Someone took out a loan in his name.

June 21 – A Waupaca caller on King Road reported a man who sold him a vehicle from was now threatening him.

June 21 – An Ogdensburg caller on County Trunk B reported a juvenile was receiving threatening messages from a friend’s parent via Facebook Messenger concerning a TikTok video.

June 21 – A female caller reported a man was drunk by the way he was texting her and was currently on a boat on the Chain O’ Lakes.

June 21 – A Clintonville caller on State Highway 45 requested a welfare check on an Amish family that she had not seen around for a few days. A dog was barking and she was worried.

June 21 – Outagamie Sheriff Department reported a man was suicidal with a gun. His mother tracked him with a GPS and he was in New London.

June 21 – Lifeline Medical Alert reported a man called and said he was “going to end it all” by a mobile home with a red shed and said he was “done with his family.”

June 22 – A 911 caller reported a suicidal woman who said she wanted to drink herself to death.

June 22 – A Waupaca caller on Larson Road reported a juvenile on an ATV with a loud muffler was on his property.

June 22 – A Waupaca woman on Grandview Road reported a suspicious two-door hatchback with a man inside parked across from her driveway.

June 22 – A Weyauwega caller on Hillside Drive reported a woman stole a bottle of perfume from her.

June 22 – An anonymous caller reported a woman passed out in the driver’s seat of a vehicle in a bar parking lot. The vehicle was still running and it had a “dog lady” sticker on the back.

June 22 – A 911 caller requested an ambulance for a man passed out in a parking lot with vomit on the ground.

June 22 – Rawhide Youth Services reported a broken window.

June 22 – Tomorrow’s Children in Waupaca reported a juvenile who was destroying a room.

June 22 – A Manawa caller on Bridge Street reported a highly intoxicated woman who was being belligerent and attempting to leave in her vehicle.

June 22 – A Waupaca caller on Mill Street reported a disgruntled woman was “getting in his face” and there were bond conditions that she should not have contact with him.

June 23 – Rawhide Youth Services reported a juvenile runaway.

June 23 – A caller reported a garbage fire growing quickly next to a barn.

June 23 – A New London caller on Hickory Ridge Lane reported she paid a roofing contractor $14,000 and the project was unfinished.

June 23 – A Manawa caller on State Highway 161 reported he received a letter from Alliant Energy stating they were going to turn his electricity off.

June 23 – Marshfield Clinic requested a welfare check on a man who was looking for a nebulizer. They could not reach him for two days and were worried something happened.

June 23 – A Tigerton man reported a trespassing man that was golfing with his dog. The only way onto the field was to jump the fence.

June 23 – A 911 caller requested an ambulance for an older man that fell and hit his head.

June 23 – A New London woman on Cook Street reported an intoxicated female was walking down the road saying that her family left her.

June 23 – A Weyauwega man on Alfred Street reported a man was stumbling in the middle of the road near Cramer Car Care.

June 24 – A 911 called reported a barn was smoking. No flames and there were cows in the barn.

June 24 – Bethany Home requested an ambulance for an elderly female bleeding from the head.

June 24 – A female caller requested a welfare check for a female and her boyfriend. A 4 a.m. she received a text from her that read, “Help.”

June 25 – An unknown caller reported power lines dangling on other power lines. It was smoking and there were small flames.

June 25 – A Waupaca man on Raymond Drive reported an 80-year-old woman with a pulse but not breathing.

The water patrol stopped 32 boats during this period. Residents called in three controlled burns. A large brown and black pig was reported running down Smith Road. An Embarrass caller was bitten by a cat. An anonymous caller reported horses that looked neglected and had ribs showing. An anonymous caller reported five cows in the roadway. An unknown caller reported a mature raccoon was struck by a car and three baby raccoons were stranded near the roadway.

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