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Publisher’s Letter

Happy Fourth of July

Patrick Wood

Dear Reader,

On July 4, 1776 the Continental Congress adopted the declaration of independence, declaring the 13 American colonies as a new nation separate from British rule. This bold act of defiance set in motion a revolutionary journey towards freedom, democracy, and self governance.

Amidst the 4th of July festivities is a time for reflection and gratitude. Americans take a moment to remember the sacrifices made by those who fought for independence and to honor the ideals upon which this nation was founded.

The 4th of July remains as an integral part of American culture serving as a day to honor the past, celebrate the present, and envision the future. As we come together in parades, firework displays and family gatherings, we pay tribute to the principles of freedom and independence that define our nation. This day reminds us that the United States of America, built on the dreams and determination of its people, continues to strive for a more perfect union.


Author of “Dear Reader” and “Tapestry of Love and Loss”

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